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November 14, 2017
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Sondors Cable Guard For Fat Aluminum Frame – Oval Chainstay
December 22, 2017

Sondors Cable Guard for Fat Original – Round Chainstay

$25.99 $19.99

Fits the Sondors original 26 inch FAT tire bike with STEEL frame.

Includes cable guard and three 75lb cable ties.

Steel Frame is identified by ROUND chainstay.

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Sondors Cable Guard for Fat Original

When the Sondors e-bike was first released we started hearing about people dropping their bikes and then the bike wouldn’t work. We found out that the axle would cut through the power wires going into the motor. We realized that even just falling over in grass while the bike was parked was damaging these wires. The bike needed a guard to protect that from happening. We began thinking about solutions and materials to use for the purpose.

We felt that the Sondors was such a stylish looking bike, so we wanted to create a guard that looked good as well. What we came up with is rugged steel construction with a sleek wrap around design. Our Sondors cable guard will protect the axle and motor wires for as long as you own your bike. We also feel that it looks like it belongs on the Sondors. Protect your investment with our Sondors cable guard for Fat Original.

Sondors Cable Guard vs Derailleur Guard

We know that some riders are using a derailleur guard to protect the motor wires. Most derailleur guards only have one attachment point which works if your bike tips over, but not if you crash or the axle hits an object while you’re moving. In that instance, a derailleur guard can spin on its attachment point and actually cause damage to the motor wires. Our Sondors cable guard uses two points of attachment to avoid that problem. One end is secured on the axle by the axle nut, while the other end is c shaped to fit around the chain stay and secures with a zip tie rated for 75lbs. The shape of our guard is also designed to deflect anything you might hit while riding. Whereas, the shape of a derailleur guard is likely to catch on an object while riding.

Designed to mount on the axle and wrap over the end to protect the power cable and axle shaft.
Rugged steel construction can handle whatever you throw at it.

Check out our Sondors cable guard install video here.

Made with care in Southern California.

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