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November 14, 2017

Sondors Fold Clip

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Wraps around magnet and steel plate to keep them from separating when moving your bike around.

HDPE Plastic, Chrome plated steel pin



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Sondors fold

The Sondors fold is probably the coolest folding ebike there is. The only thing we don’t like about it is that keeping it folded while moving it around is complicated. The fold comes with a steel plate on the rear dropout and a magnet on the front fork. The idea is that they will meet when the bike is folded and keep it folded when you move or lift the bike. Unfortunately this system isn’t strong enough. When trying to lift the bike the weight will separate the magnet and plate. As well when rolling the forces of the tires trying to roll in opposing directions will separate the magnet and plate. To solve this we designed our Sondors Fold clip.

Sondors fold clip

Our friend said that this was a problem and asked if we could make her a solution. We wanted to help her and keep it as simple as we could so it would be easy for anybody else to use as well. What we came up with is a clip made of high strength plastic designed to hold the magnet and steel plate together. Our sondors fold clip has slots in both planes so it can slide over the posts for the magnet and plate and trap the two parts. Once you trap the magnet and plate just insert the hair pin clip to firmly lock everything together.

Sondors fold clip install


High strength HDPE Plastic, Chrome plated steel pin

Sondors fold clip demo

Made in USA

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