Ultra 3200 LED E-Bike Headlight
(LINK FOR NEW MODEL BELOW) 36-96 volt Ultra 3200 LED E-Bike Light
August 7, 2020
Bafang BBSxx Ultra 3200 Black Out Light
BBSHD, BBS02 Headlight 36-72V *BLACK* Ultra 3200 LED E-Bike Light(Special Order)
January 26, 2022

SUR RON / TALARIA 12 volt *BLACK* Ultra 3200 LED Light

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  • High power Cree LED
  • 3200 lumen
  • 12 volts nominal
  • Combined Flood and Spot light
  • Push button mode selection
  • Microcontroller with dual program for “auto on” option
  • Aluminum mounting arms for 31.8mm or 35mm bars
  • Aluminum direct mount for installation on fork
  • Sur Ron/Talaria style connector for easy installation


Sur Ron Ultra 3200 Black Out Edition!

12V bike light features and functions

Designed for use with E-moto ebikes our 12V Ultra Sur Ron headlight packs more lumens for it’s size than any other light. Same great modes and Ultra bright 3200 lumens as the original Ultra 3200 model but designed to run on 12 volts to replace the factory Sur Ron Light Bee or Talaria Sting headlight. Even though the Sur Ron and Talaria use a 60V battery they have a voltage converter that reduces the power to 12 volts for the headlight. Comes with Sur Ron style connector to replace factory headlight for plug and play installation. Choose Talaria Sting MX4 in the drop down to get the square black connector to fit the new Talaria Sting MX4. Brightness modes range from 80 lumens to an ULTRA bright 3200 lumens.  The Ultra 3200 incorporates Cree 5000K LEDs to give riders the best depth perception and visibility.

When Luna Cycle started offering the Sur Ron we thought our small light with it’s huge power output could be the perfect Sur Ron headlight. With that in mind we designed all new electronics to make our Ultra light plug and play with the Sur Ron. Now that Luna Cycle is offering the Talaria MX4 we have a plug and play option for that as well. The style of the Ultra 3200 fits the modern looks of the Light Bee and new Talaria Sting R MX4.

This version of the Ultra 3200 is plug and play with the Sur Ron Light Bee, Talaria Sting and Segway X260, X160 and can be used on any vehicle with a 12 volt system or can be powered by a 12 volt battery pack with 3 amp output. Now the Ultra light can be used on standard mountain bikes with a separate pack like this – 12V 3000mah lithium battery or for more capacity and usb try this 6000mah battery.

To get this much light in a small 6oz. package creates some heat so the light protects itself from overheating. If the light is in Super or Ultra mode and there’s not enough airflow it will automatically set itself to the Bright mode. Once there is enough airflow the light will go back to Super or Ultra.

12v bike light Modes

  1. Dim – 80 lm @ .72 watts
  2. Bright – 770 lm @ 5 watts
  3. Super – 2900 lm @ 22 watts
  4. Ultra – 3200 lm @ 27 watts
  5. Flash – 770 lm flashing @ 2.5 watts

Ultra light Development

We know how it feels when you can’t ride during the day but you still need your fix. With that in mind we’ve been working on making riding at night safer and more fun. We believe it’s important for headlights to be bright but also encompassing. With this ultra high power light it puts out so much power we decided on using two types of optics. Wide angle optic to illuminate everything around you and focused optic to show terrain way out in front.

Click here for a very detailed write up of the Ultra light on a Light Bee. Thank you Mark Kitaoka for the awesome review!

Demo video

Check out our installation video

Fisher Fabrication House Background

Our products are custom designed and manufactured right here in Southern California.

We are artists and engineers so when we develop a product like this light we want it look as good as it works. Adding this light to your ebike adds function and style to your bike.

Made in USA using Cree LEDs and billet T-6 6061 aluminum housing with stainless steel hardware.

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 1.15 × 3.5 × 1.15 in
Mount size:

31.8mm-Sur Ron Stock Bars, Talaria Sting MX4 Stock Bars, 35mm – Sur Ron, 35mm – MX4, 26-31.8mm – Sur Ron, 1 set of each – Sur Ron, 1 set of each – MX4, Without Mounts – Sur Ron, Without Mounts – MX4, Sur Ron Direct Fork Mount, MX4 Direct Fork Mount

1 review for SUR RON / TALARIA 12 volt *BLACK* Ultra 3200 LED Light

  1. Adam Zickgraf (verified owner)

    Wow. What an absolutely perfect upgrade for your Sur Ron. The folks who designed this little contraption of greatness hit this one way out the park. The installation process is truly plug and play on the electrical end, and on the mechanical end it fits perfectly like a missing puzzle piece. The ease of use and the light settings are just the way I wanted it and is just as advertised. As a test, I went deep into the park at night where it was pitch black and I put the light at maximum. This was the whole reason I bought this and it is incredibly bright and I could confidently race through the trees at 30- 40 mph with total confidence. Thanks a lot for making this. It would great if you could come up with a signal and brake light plug and play option in the future. Cheers.

    • Josh

      Thank you for the feedback Adam, we love hearing from customers and are stoked that you’re putting our Ultra light to good use. Enjoy the Ride!

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